It’s been too long!!

Hi, Family,

We promise we haven’t forgotten about our blog!!!

This past week Charlie had surgery to remove a sty & he was such a trouper.  Luckily they had a bunch of toy cars he could play with, which kept him happy most of the (very early) morning.

IMG_7513 IMG_7514IMG_7516 IMG_7517


Here is the after picture:


One reason I’ve been so busy is that I began teaching an Intro to Theatre class at Raising Astoria Community Center, around the corner from our home.  Jack was super pleased to be the subject of my flyer.


We got a major “monkey see, monkey do” situation going on over here.

IMG_7544 IMG_7545 IMG_7547 IMG_7574 IMG_7584 IMG_7582 IMG_7596

On a related note, Jack went on a field trip to Queens College today, to see Golden Dragon Chinese Acrobats perform.  When I picked him up, his teachers told me that one act involved the actrobats stacking 16 chairs (they counted), & as they placed the 16th chair, they announced, “Do not try this at home.”  Jack turned to his teacher, disappointed, & said, “Aw, I wanted to try that!!”  So later today, at Raising Astoria ……

IMG_7606 IMG_7607 IMG_7608 IMG_7609 IMG_7610

After each pose Jack did, he would make a little “tada!” sound, & when Charlie saw what he was doing, of course he had to join in, & he was making the same sound, “Tada!”



Jack & Charlie’s Mom


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