An old hand visits Santaland

Hi, Family,

Yep, it’s that time again.  I made my annual pilgrimage to Santaland!  It was so much fun!

Man, that Charlie.  He is a hoot.  I think by the time we got to Santa everyone online knew his name.  He just wanted to run all over the place & grab all the things you’re not supposed to touch.  I think my favorite part was when Charlie threw his bowl at an elf.  The elf said to my mom, “My jokes aren’t THAT bad!”  And that just really cracked me up.

IMG_5747 IMG_5752 IMG_5755

^^That’s the infamous bowl!  I was trying to show him it really makes a better hat than a ball.

IMG_5757 IMG_5760 IMG_5767

^^That last one is pretty much the only decent picture my mom got of both of our faces in the same picture.  We like to keep her on her toes.

IMG_5768 IMG_5770 IMG_5772 IMG_5773 IMG_5776 IMG_5777 IMG_5780

IMG_5781 IMG_5783

When we got to Santa, I was so nervous.  I told my mom I was feeling shy.  She kept saying things like, “Santa is like the nicest guy ever!” and was trying to convince Charlie to take a picture with Santa.  In Charlie fashion, he just nodded that yes, he would take the picture.  When we walked into Santa’s room, Charlie waved hi.  Then he walked straight to the exit & started waving bye.  My mom tried begging, pleading, she even sat next to Santa with us for a picture.  Then she tried to sneak away.  Charlie wasn’t having it.


Five years of Christmases, five visits to Santaland, this year I was so excited about my picture with Santa & my fifth Santaland button.  I asked my mom if she’d take these pictures of me on the subway.

IMG_5787 IMG_5789

The best part of the whole visit, however, is that Santa said I am on the good list!  I even gave Santa a hug.  I told my mom that Santa hadn’t said anything about what list Charlie is on.  I told her that Charlie wouldn’t take a picture & threw a bowl at an elf.  My mom asked me if Charlie would be on the naughty list this year.  I told her, “No, because Charlie is really a good kid.”

Happy Holidays, everyone!




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