Happy Birthday to … My Mom!

Hi, Family,

Did you know yesterday was my mom’s birthday?  I LOVE to celebrate birthdays, because it involves toys, & parties, & of course yummy, delicious cake!  So I was really happy to hear that not only was it my mom’s birthday, but that she would be making a delicious, homemade chocolate cake!  I felt certain I could be there to support her in this endeavor, by testing any cake she worried might be substandard, or by licking any delicious beaters covered in scrumptious chocolate icing.  That’s just the kind of kid I am!  I am a great helper.

All week, I kept wondering, what would my mom’s theme be??  I finally decided for her:  Stars!

IMG_4167 IMG_4168 IMG_4169

I really wish that there was a smell function on this blog, because this cake smells divine!  I LOVED this cake.  If there’s one thing about me you need to know, it’s this:  I ….  LOVE …. CHOCOLATE.

So, my dad threw my mom a party at Bohemian Hall Beer Garden for her birthday.  It was so fun!  Lots of my friends came (& their moms & dads).  We ate a lot of yummy food, & danced to the Oktoberfest band, & played with some dump trucks in the rocks … it was a total blast!

Then it was time for the cake!  The moment everyone was waiting for!

IMG_4178 IMG_4185 IMG_4191 IMG_4194

I think my mom had a great time.  I bet, if asked, she would say her favorite part of the day was when I ran & jumped in her bed & yelled “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOMMY!!” with a birthday card in which I had signed my name myself.  Probably the next favorite moment was when Dad asked Charlie if he’d wished Mommy a happy birthday, & he nodded yes so emphatically he almost fell down.  And a distant third was the Oktoberfest band, & entire beer garden, singing Happy Birthday to my mom.

Happy Birthday to my mom!!!!





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