Summer 2014, part 2

Wow, we are having such a fantastic summer, we have been bad about updating the blog!  We have just been so busy.

Jack has been very into making costumes this year.  Here he is as a spy:


We’ve done a lot of fun adventures this summer.  A couple weeks ago we went to Brooklyn Bridge Park, which has a big sand pit & sprinklers.  It was a big trip, b/c we take a ferry from Queens to Brooklyn.

IMG_1597 IMG_1598 IMG_1606 IMG_1621 IMG_1624 IMG_1627 IMG_1635 IMG_1654 IMG_1673

Then we had a “culture kids” day, where we went to Broadway in Bryant Park.  It was really fun seeing songs from different Broadway plays, & I am very interested in that, b/c someday I want to have my own show.

IMG_1723 IMG_1726 IMG_1722 IMG_1721

Our adventures usually end with some sort of treat, & that day we had Mom’s favorite, Magnolia Bakery cupcakes!


That same day we went to the Astoria Park outdoor concert.  Astoria Park is in our neighborhood, & we’ve gone to almost all the concerts there this summer.  Mom loves it b/c she & Charlie can relax on a big blanket, & I love it b/c I run around like a crazy person with my friends!

IMG_1775 IMG_1756 IMG_1757 IMG_1774 IMG_1870

(Mom tried to get a good pic of Coralie & me walking hand in hand in the evening light, but this was the best she could do.)

So our adventure this week was going to Hudson River Pier 51 park, a very cool park right on the river with a fantastic view.

IMG_1813 IMG_1814 IMG_1821 IMG_1823 IMG_1826 IMG_1827 IMG_1829

Living in NYC is a pretty crazy place for 6 mamas to travel with 12 children.  We get all kinds of receptions, from, shall we say, lukewarm, to incredibly welcoming.  Being on the train with that many kids is a wholly unique experience!!



Hope everybody is enjoying summer as much as we are!  We’ll see ya next week; of course I’m dying to tell you all about my Spider-man birthday party!





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