Summer Solstice/Birthday Party Today!

Hi, Family,

We are so sorry you guys missed our fun party today!  We had a Summer Solstice/Birthday Party Brunch, & it was so fun.

My mom made a sunshine smiley face cake & it was so tasty!


I got to help my mom decorate yesterday.  That was super fun.

IMG_0353 IMG_0351 IMG_0359


We served brunch at our party.  It was pretty good.  Well, the grown ups liked it.  We kiddos were too busy playing to eat, of course!!

IMG_0361 IMG_0362 IMG_0363 IMG_0364 IMG_0369 IMG_0370 IMG_0379 IMG_0382 IMG_0386 IMG_0389 IMG_0392 IMG_0396

The highlight of the day was celebrating Charlie’s birthday.

IMG_0397 IMG_0399 IMG_0401 IMG_0402

Then we went back to playing!

IMG_0407 IMG_0410IMG_0385

I tried to help Charlie open his presents, but it turns out, he didn’t really need my help!

IMG_0413 IMG_0414

We had such a blast today, & we’re so sorry y’all couldn’t make it.  Hopefully next time!






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