Story time

It’s Jack & Charlie’s mom, hijacking their blog. I just had to share some stories about my two crazy little characters.


Earlier this week, Jack kept telling me he wanted to go on an adventure, so we got bundled up, put Charlie in the front of the double stroller, & started walking. After a couple blocks, I noticed Charlie had taken off one of his shoes & thrown it overboard. I could see it was less than a block away. So I turned to Jack, “Oh, Spider-Man! My baby lost his shoe! Please help me!!” Jack sprang into action. He took off running, humming the music you hear when the superhero is saving the day. He ran down the sidewalk, grabbed the shoe, & ran back, presenting the shoe triumphantly. I said, “Oh, thank you!! You saved the day!! You’re my hero!” Jack put his hand on his heart, gave a slight bow, & said modestly, “It was my pleasure.” 🙂



Yesterday, Jack & Charlie were in the living room, & Jack kept blowing raspberries at Charlie. After a few times, I wiped the spittle off, & said, “Jack, that’s not nice, please stop.” But someone interrupted me. It was Charlie, with a bunch of long, incredibly slobbery raspberries directed cheerfully at Jack. :




Can’t wait to bring these big boys to Texas to see everyone soon!!


Jack & Charlie’s Mom


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