Busy Busy

Dear Family,

Everyone likes to call me “busy” & I really have been recently!  I’m in school & my mom & dad say I’m doing really well.  I have made a bunch of friends, & sometimes I tell my mom I might like to stay at school all day, instead of just the morning.

Did you know that last month we went apple picking?  We went to Fishkill Farms & they have the most delicious apples, plus a band was playing music so we got to dance.  It was so nice having a picnic & looking at the beautiful view.

My dad held me up so I could pick apples from the top of the tree.  That’s where the prettiest, sweetest apples are.


I couldn’t wait; I had to take a bite as soon as I picked my first apple.


My mom of course had to do a whole photo shoot with me sitting in a tree with an apple.  So I humored her.IMG_4951

We had to wait before our picnic, so Mom got Charlie in on the photo shoot.  It’s really hard to get a non-blurry, both children smiling picture of us right now, my mom says.  I think we look kinda cute, though.


Don’t be too jealous, but this was our view during our picnic.


Afterwards I got to run down to this giant haystack to play.  My dad carried me AND Charlie back up the hill.  He’s a Super Dad.IMG_4963

Man, I had so much fun in Texas last month.  It was really cool seeing my awesome family, & showing off my little brother.

IMG_5001 IMG_5003 IMG_5004 IMG_5009 IMG_5011 IMG_5046 IMG_5050

So sorry for the truncated post, but baby brother just woke up, so gotta go!





One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Gran on November 8, 2013 at 8:07 pm

    Best picture I’ve seen of me in 30 years. Thanks.


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