My first days of school & Charlie’s 3 months old already!

Hi, Family!

This week will be my third week of school!  I’m still getting used to it.  But I am learning a lot!  I was a little apprehensive to start school without my mom there.



My teacher walking me downstairs after my first day of nursery school.

IMG_4368 IMG_4371 IMG_4374 IMG_4382 IMG_4386

I really love taking the train to my school with my dad on his way to work.  I ride my scooter to the train.  Sometimes I sing really loudly on my way, & I get lots of attention from passersby that way.

IMG_4404 IMG_4402 IMG_4416 IMG_4450 IMG_4456 IMG_4479 IMG_4480 IMG_4481

I can’t believe my brother is 3 months old already!

IMG_4323 IMG_4324 IMG_4335 IMG_4395 IMG_4433 IMG_4434 IMG_4483 IMG_4583 IMG_4587 IMG_4633 IMG_4641

My brother Charlie is my best friend.  This morning my mom took a bunch of pictures of us after we all woke up & I was just hugging Charlie & ‘mooching him & saying, “This is my baby.  I love this baby.”  I think it made my mom super happy.

IMG_4484 IMG_4485 IMG_4486 IMG_4487 IMG_4643 IMG_4644 IMG_4645 IMG_4647 IMG_4656

My aunt Amatey came to visit last week.  We had so much fun!  She met Charlie for the first time.  We also went to the USS Intrepid Museum, & saw the space shuttle Intrepid.

IMG_4508 IMG_4509 IMG_4510 IMG_4557 IMG_4548 IMG_4543 IMG_4535 IMG_4526 IMG_4525

I can’t wait to show off my little brother in Texas next month.

Love & miss you all so much,



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