Charlie is One Month Old!

Hi Family,

My little brother turned 1 month old this week!

IMG_9280 IMG_9281 IMG_9282 IMG_9283 IMG_9284

I loooove my little brother so much!  I want to hug him & kiss him & lay on top of him & put lots of blankets on him & give him lots of toys to play with.  If he’s asleep I want to wake him immediately & play with him.  You’d think my mom would be thrilled about how much I looooove Charlie, but eh, on most days, she seems, well, a little less than thrilled.

IMG_9287 IMG_9288 IMG_9289

It’s just that he’s so cute, I can barely keep my hands off of him!

IMG_9297 IMG_9298

We’ve sure had a lot of fun since Charlie arrived.  I think my favorite was going to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum.

They had this cool scooter we could try out.  We couldn’t actually drive it, though.  It’s not for little kids.


I also really loved how they had this dressing room with all these different hats you could try on.


I really loved the indoor playground, where we could run around & jump & play.


You could even build a bridge over some water.


I had such a great time.


Then when we got home, Dad took me to the pool!


Charlie’s not a big kid like me, so sometimes I try to get him involved with some of my fun activities.


See you soon!




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