Happy (Belated) Halloween!

Dear Family,

I’ve been staying so busy, I haven’t had time to update my blog!  So I shall attempt to catch up the next couple of days, starting with . . . Halloween!  Arguably my very favorite holiday, as every few days I remind my mother, “Halloween, Mama?”  Juuust in case it’s crept up on us again and she’s forgotten.

I was a firefighter for Halloween this year!

I got to walk in a Halloween parade with my friend David, I mean, Cookie Monster.

Trick or treating was my favorite part, though. All I wanted was a lollypop, so once I got that, I was done trick or treating.


I went to a pretty fun party at my preschool, where we decorated pumpkins.

The best part was the yummy cupcake.

Do I have anything on my face?


I hope everyone had a great Halloween!







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