26 Months

Dear Family,

Hi again.  I just wanted to bring my blog up to date with some more pictures, since today IS 26 months since my birth.  So here you go!

Last week my mom and dad took me to Roosevelt State Park, and it is so beautiful there.

Although, I’m not really sure why they call it a “park”. There were no jungle gyms or swings or slides there. So, to make sure it wasn’t a big mistake, I was sure to ask politely every so often, “Park, Mama?”

We did get to have a nice picnic there.

And I got to ride my scooter around a lot.


It was a really fun day!

So my mom is such a teacher.  She made this cool learning poster for me, and it’s really fun to learn.  Here’s a picture of me in front of my learning poster:

Right away I started noticing the letter A everywhere. And triangles and squares, too. My mom was really proud that I started drawing As and triangles this week, too.

I guess my mom got a big head that I liked my learning poster so much; now she’s going to start helping with the curriculum at my preschool, too!

Finally, here’s a picture of me today, after my second haircut of all time.

Me at 26 Months Old




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