Arizona Dreamin’

Whoooooaaaa, my mom has TOTALLY dropped the ball on my blogging.  Seriously.  She really procrastinates.  I don’t know what she does all day.

Did you hear I went on an awesome vacation this past summer?  Well, I’ve been sort of daydreaming about it, because it’s already starting to get sort of cold and rainy and autumn-like here.  So let’s reminisce, shall we?

Man, is it hot in the desert!

I do love the food, though!

Except maraschino cherries. I do not like those.

I think my parents enjoyed the view of the desert mountains.

My favorite part of the resort was the amazing saltwater pool.

My mom kept trying to get me to take a picture, but I had other things in mind. “In there. I want to go in there.”

For as long as I could bear the heat, I rode my scooter all around the resort.

I think I got to know everyone staying at the resort that way.

I loved the cool tunnel that led from the rooms to the restaurants.

The heat didn’t really slow me down much.

I also got my first taste of (real) chocolate milk. Don’t be deceived by the serious face. I really loved it.

I totally cracked my folks up (and gave my mom a mild heart attack) when I climbed up on this probably 4 foot high window sill, threw my arms out & said, “Tada!” right in front of a gorgeous setting sun.

More posts to come very soon, I promise!















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