My Summer So Far

Dear Family,

Wonder what I’ve been up to this summer?  I have been super busy!  (My mom gets really cranky & bored if I don’t keep her busy.)

My dad & I took a class together Fathers’ Day weekend; see the car we built? (It’s on the floor next to his hip.)

I think the funnest part was the old empty box my teacher had laying around in the classroom.

My mom & I went to an outdoor concert in Madison Square Park.

It was a beautiful day for listening & dancing to live music.

All my mom’s friends & my friends had a great time hanging out & eating snacks.

I think the best part was playing with all the other kids’ cool toys.

My mom & I went to the Queens Zoo for the first time.

My mom got this great picture of the parrots, but I was so busy running around she didn’t get that many pictures at all.

I liked checking out the ducks.

The coolest part was probably just being outside & running around in a big open space.

We had our first trip to the beach yesterday!  Man, I thought I liked the beach last year, but it was way more fun this year.  My mom says I’m like a little fish.

Yay, beach!!!

Isobel & I had an awesome time.

My mom likes this pic, even though I think it’s a little embarrassing since I’m in my skivvies.

I think the best part about the beach was the long ramp I could run up and down as we got ready to go home.

Overall a pretty productive summer so far!

Hope yours is, too!  Happy Summer, everyone!




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