Old School

Hi there, Family & Friends!

Can you believe that, as of yesterday, I am a 22-month old??  My mom keeps saying she just can’t believe I’m almost 2 years old.  I really enjoy singing the birthday song, & I love to ask for “erfday cake”.  I’ve already told my mom I want a bunch of cars at my birthday party.  Let’s hope she’s paying attention.

So recently my dad bought me this pretty cool outfit.  And, since every new outfit is a photo op, of course my mom had to spend a whole morning chasing me around with a camera.

Well, I was just getting warmed up here.

Yep, still warming up.

OK, I don’t really plan to be a model, but if I were, this would be my walk.

I was starting to really feel comfortable with the camera. Plus my mom was plying me with milk & snacks.

I think this is when all the attention started going to my head.

Just to clarify: I didn’t fall down in these pics; these are my cool funky moves.

My mom had a pretty fun playdate last week for a bunch of my friends.

I had a blast playing with my buddies.

It was a whole lot of mamas, & a whole lot of toddlers snacking and gabbing and playing.

I love to try to make everybody laugh, especially all the mommies!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic summer!  I’ll see you soon!





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