Happy Easter, Ya’ll!

Wow, I hope everybody has had as great an Easter weekend as I have!

It all started on Friday morning, when I helped my mom make Easter cupcakes.

I was confused though, because it was breakfast time, & we had cookies (well, my mom calls them pancakes).  So, I think she forgot about what we were actually making for breakfast, so for about a half hour, I called out, “Cupcake!  Cupcake!  Cupcake!”  No matter though, she was determined we were not having cupcakes for breakfast.

Mom says this is "classic Jack." Whatever that means.

Oh, yeah, I remember I HATED this last year:

But apparently I can really pull off the bunny ears.

So, I was pretty excited when I came out this morning & saw the spread the Easter Bunny left for me.

This afternoon we went to an Egg Hunt!

"Ehh!" (That means "Egg!")

My mom says I looked more like I was working in a mine, but I take hunting eggs pretty seriously, darn it!

My perseverance really paid off, because I found so many eggs, I actually won a prize!

I couldn't have done it without my mom. She was really pushing me to find that next big egg.

Next my dad told me to go fly a kite.  He wasn’t being rude, though.

I made some friends today.

If you wondering what I looked like after eating a little Easter chocolate, here you go:

Phewwwww!  Wow.  What a DAY!  But it wasn’t over yet.  I got to have a chocolate & caramel egg first!  (Well, after dinner, of course!)

It was sooo good!

Happy Easter, Ya'll!




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