Hey, Family,

You missed out on a really fun Easter Egg Hunt at Lots of Tots today.  My mom made me wear a nice shirt.  Every little thing’s a photo op for my mom.

It was early, I was still waking up. Milk was definitely the priority.

If I wasn’t going to smile or put down my milk, I at least figured I could entertain.

How about a little Easter egg on the toe balancing trick??

This next one I learned in yoga:

"Aunt Nik? Can you hear me? I'm calling from my foot phone."

When we got to Lots of Tots, this creepy thing was there.

I wanted nothing to do with it!!

The craft we did was pretty cool.

It was a little bag we decorated for gathering eggs.


Easter Egg Hunt . . . They really use the word "hunt" loosely here, don't they?

So I picked up an egg.  My mom asked me if I wanted to get some more eggs.  But I was thinking, No, I think this is enough.

Can I eat my Twix now?

I was pretty much ready to go after that.

This is how I let my mom know.

When I’m really ready, I do this:

I just needed some alone time.

When I got home, after lunch, I let my mom know what I was wanting then.  I pointed at the stroller & said, “Egggggggg!” until I got it.


It's the simple things in life, really.

Happy Easter (early)!




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