Dear Fam,

So this is what a 19 month old baby looks like:

I try to tell my mom I'm not a baby anymore but she just refuses to listen.

The skills I’ve been working on this week are:  jumping up & down, squatting, & jumping off curbs.

All while on my scooter, of course.

My mom said the funniest thing the other day.  I fell off my scooter, & of course jumped right back on, & she said the strangest thing:  “Way to get back on that horse!”  So now when I ride my scooter sometimes I say, “Neigh!  Neigh!”

My mom still tries to do those monthly birthday photo shoots.

Now I just like to play while she takes pics.

I don't mind the camera so much.

But I always prefer to be outside riding my scooter whenever possible.

It's not a bad life!




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