A clip show? What???

Dear Family,

Help!  My mom has hijacked my blog!  She wants to do a “clip show”, whatever that is.  She says she wants to show off some old pictures of me before we head to Texas.

I was really happy to hear I will get to see my Aunt Nik, Uncle Eric, & the coolest cousin ever, Cal.

You may think I was trying to get away from them from this pic, but, really, I was just in a different, not-so-cuddly place.  I was an infantile 12 months old, for goodness sake.

Speaking of aunts, I will be so happy to see my Auntie Am, but that doesn't mean she can look at my teeth. Just saying.

I really hope I get to see Kerrigan. The Soon-To-Be-Big Sister. 🙂

Cool, Mom says I'll get to see Great-Grandma & Grandpa too.

Wait! And Great Gran? AND Grandma Carmen & Aunt Francis??

This is going to be a really cool trip.

Mom says I have to be really patient & quiet on our plane trip to Texas.

I'm allowed to nap . . .

And I'm allowed to play quietly . . .

But I’m not allowed to just run around on the plane.

Geez.  My mom sure seems to have a lot of rules for this trip.

She says I'm supposed to sleep at Great-Grandma & Grandpa's just like I do at home--no getting up in the middle of the night or a nap!

My mom sure does ask a lot of me.  But I guess I AM almost 18 months old now . . . And, I would really like to see my wonderful, loving family next month.  So I guess I will oblige her!

Can’t wait to see yall!

Love you,





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