Snow Duds

Hi, Fam, Guess what!  It snowed today!  I got to go out & play in it.  You know what?  It was cold & not all that fun.

Whooooaaaa. That's a lot of snow!

I feel like I'm carrying a lot of extra weight.

Good thing my mama's around to carry me.

I could just take a nap right now.

Fortunately, we had indoor plans for today–a party!

I got to play with some friends & eat a brownie--at the same time.

I also got to play with this cool car. Yes, I know it's a bus, but I prefer to call it a car.

I say "Car" & my mom says "Bus" & so I say "Car" & she says "Bus" & we basically try to outdo each other. It's great fun.

There was also some live music, which was pretty cool. Got to get my dancing on.

Overall a pretty cool weekend so far.

Happy Saturday, everyone!




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