Happy Healthy 2012!

Happy New Year, everyone!

We finished off a great year by spending one of the last days of ’11 at the Central Park Zoo.

What's a sea lion??

Whooooaaaa! That's a sea lion!!

Next we went to the Tropics House.  It was crazy!  Lots of trees & birds flying everywhere.  Dad said we will have to come back often this winter, because they keep it at 80 degrees in there.

To be honest, it was a little overwhelming in there. I kept a tight clutch on my dad's finger.

Oh, cool bird!

"Bird" is easier for me to say than "el pajaro".

Weird! Lots of bats!

I'm very curious--I'll grab just about anything.

Next I drank my milk while checking out the snow monkeys.

This guy was napping in the sun, looking pretty comfy.

"Ducky" I said, & pointed at one. Mom & Dad are so lucky to have me as their little zoo tour guide.

If it weren’t for me, they would have totally missed the polar bear!  I was standing in one area pointing at him, but they were in a different spot & couldn’t see him.

He's over there, you guys!!!

He's napping in the sun, too!

I think you know what the best part of the zoo was.

The stairs!!! I like to hop down them one by one.

The penguins were pretty cool too. (Can you see them in the background?)

They swam right in front of me!!

Can you see the little guy?

We took one more look at the sea lions before we called it a day.

It was a beautiful NYC day.

This guy was out enjoying the sunshine, too!

It was a fun end to a great year.  But it wasn’t over yet!

My folks & I always have New Year's Eve dinner at this great place called The Stove.

When I walked in, there were a bunch of balloons & I got my own!

I had a great time & ate a lot of good food.

A happy healthy 2012 to all my family & friends!




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