Feliz Navidad!

Dear Family & Friends,

Merry Christmas!  I hope you had as wonderful a day as I did.  This morning when I woke up, I was drinking my milk, as usual, when I came walking into the living room.  And guess what was there!  A shopping cart with groceries in it!

I approve of this present!

I got to play for awhile while Mom & Dad drank their coffee.  Then, I got to open another present!  It was a cool laptop!

I'm not gonna let Mom & Dad play with my laptop, just like they never let me play with theirs.

The next thing I got everyone in our family got a new pair of (in their respective size, of course).

Yes, new snow boots!

After a couple hours of opening presents & playing with all those presents, I needed a little box break.

Double box jump!

Then it was back down to business.

A doll stroller!! Awesome!!!

And a train!

Then, the best present of all!!–Something I have been wanting almost my whole life.  A SCOOTER!!!


Phew!  After that, I was pretty beat.  I decided to lay on the sofa, watch the Mavs, & work on my laptop for awhile.

Then I was feeling a little inspired, so I decided to do some artwork.

All in all, a truly amazing Christmas.  I so wish that I could be there to celebrate with my relatives, but feel so blessed just to have such a wonderful, generous family.

Thinking of all of you, missing you all, hoping to see you very soon.

Merry Christmas, loved ones.



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