Hi, everybody!  Merry Christmas Eve!   Please don’t tell Santa Clause I’m still up.  I am just way too excited to sleep!

This morning I got up bright & early to help Mom bake Santa’s cookies.  I’m in charge of decorating.

My favorite part is throwing the cookie on the cookie sheet.

Then I got into my little elf outfit.

For dinner, I also got to try my first tamale!  Dad explained it is a very important tradition, eating tamales at Christmastime, even if these are not near as good as my Grandma Carmen & Aunt Francis’ homemade tamales.

I was really excited that I got to open a present tonight!

I got some cool big boy pajamas from my babysitter Angela!

But the best part was the tissue!

Wow, I hope I get more tissue paper tomorrow from Santa!

OK, I better go.  I think I heard some reindeer hoofs, & no way am I ending up on the “Naughty” list after a whole year of being “Nice”!!!

See yall back here tomorrow–I wanna show off my gifts!!!




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