My Journey to Santaland

Hi, Fam, Betcha didn’t expect me back so soon after my super-long hiatus after Thanksgiving.  But I got so many great pics today, I just had to share!

Today my mom got me dressed up in my new Christmas outfit.

I didn't have time to stop banging my corn popper on the floor to take a picture. It was time for the guys downstairs to get up, already!

Here's a quick close-up.

Here's one of me feeling pretty happy, but I decided any other pictures to be taken Mom would have to catch me first.

Next we headed down to Macy’s to see Santa.  I was all ready to tell Santa what I want for Christmas, & tell him that I have been a REALLY good boy this year.

I want to ride this cool train!

Here's a shot of Dad & me in front of that train.

Here we are getting on the train to go to the North Pole & Santaland!

There was so much to look at!

So much I actually started to feel pretty sleepy at one point.

Before I knew it, it was time to see Santa Clause!  I suddenly had a little stage fright . . .

All these elves, this big guy, the pressure! I was thinking my mom better not leave me here alone!

Then I realized, hey, the elves are pretty cool!  They’re cute, & they had a shiny ball they were throwing to me.

Then–the shot we were all waiting for!

That Santy Clause is a pretty cool guy.

Happy Holidays, loved ones!




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