Dear Family & Friends,

I have been so busy lately, getting ready for the holidays!  Well, & doing other stuff, too.

I've learned some new tricks on my dinosaur.

And I've gotten to decorate some Christmas cookies.

Mmmmm . . . Christmas cookies . . .

We also decorated our Christmas tree.  I was a huge help.

Why are there no decorations on the bottom half of this tree??

I'm pretty much obsessed with these red Christmas ornaments. I love throwing them around like a tennis ball.

I desperately wanted to play with the star on top of the tree.

I'm in charge of plugging & unplugging the lights. Oh wait, don't tell my mom I said that.

My favorite part of decorating the Christmas tree?

Mom made cinnamon bread! Allllllright!!!

We also had a small Christmas party.  A few of my buddies were there.

We all drew names & got to open a gift.

We had a great time playing with all the new toys.

Man, was I exhausted after all the playing, hanging out with my friends, eating a ton of good food, & opening presents.

I decided to kick it old school & take a nap on my parents' bed.

This time of year, I always miss my family even more than usual.  Feeling so lucky & grateful to have my little fam here, & my big fam in Texas.  I’m a pretty blessed little guy!




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