Trick or Treat!

Hello, Family,

Yes, yes, I am late with this post.  I was certain I would have it done before November, & here it is, November 4 already!

Imagine how shocked I was when I heard that there is a day in which we are allowed to go door to door and ask–nay, demand!–candy.

Well, OK, if you say so!

Here we go!

This house had a really cool toy cat that my mom basically had to drag me away from. I think the lady of the house thought I was kinda cute.

So we went to a whole bunch of houses.  And restaurants.  And stores.

Then my pops was in charge of getting me more candy.

I knew he wouldn't let me down.

I was getting kind of tired then, & it was getting close to my dinner, so I figured it was time to call it a day.

Is it time for a catnap? Har har.

But the night wasn’t over yet!

My mom & dad had gotten me a card! I already had cards from a lot of my favorite people, too!

Then my dad was home for dinner & was playing with me, which was really fun!

Then, the coolest part of all.  All these people kept coming to our house.  People who would talk to me & tell me I’m cute, & listen when I would yell at them.

By this time, I was pretty much a pro. I was running to the door every time the bell rang with a real sense of earnestness!

OK.  That’s it.  That’s enough!  I’m spent!!

Wait.  There’s more?

Hm, what's this?

Hershey's? Chocolate?

This is the best thing I've ever tasted!

I love you.

This is the chocolate dance.

Ohhhhh yeah.

Til next time, loved ones.




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