Jack’s Halloween Bash

Hi, Family & Friends,

I wish you all could have made it to my awesome Halloween party today.  But, considering the circumstances, it’s pretty understandable you couldn’t make it.

What the heck??!!! Is that snow???

I decided to decorate & do some baking.  Nothing too fancy.  Just some lights, some cupcakes, you know, the usual.

OK, my mom may have helped me a little here.

Oh, yeah!  Guess what I can do now?  I can climb onto the table!  Right after my mom took this picture, I climbed up on the chair & took a cookie.  I was like “Yeah!!!!  I am awesome!”  I looked at my mom & dad, & they seemed kinda bummed.  I have no idea why.  Something about “nowhere to put stuff like laptops & cellphones”.  I think they were just so happy about my new skill it overwhelmed them.  Parents–they’re so silly!

My friend Isobel was the first to arrive, & she was a snow leopard.

The song "Ghostbusters" came on & we both started dancing.

Then Maya showed up & I got to dance with a zebra!

When David showed up as a dragon, I was thinking, Hey, can I chew on this tail?

Then I realized it was really fun to have him run somewhere while I held onto his tail.

Even dragons need to stop for a milk break.

A dragon riding a dinosaur??? That would never happen!

A cat riding a dinosaur? Well, I guess our parents aren't really striving for accuracy here . . .

You’re not going to believe this, but I was having such an amazing time, that at one point, I somehow was on the floor, & I just stayed there for awhile.

Whoa, I had way too many Mum-mums!

Then it was dinnertime & after dinner I had the tastiest thing . . .

It was a pumpkin cupcake with my middle initial on it.


All in all, I’d say it was a pretty successful Halloween party.



Happy Halloween, everybody!!



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