New Tricks

Hi, Family & Friend Types,

My mom said I needed to update my blog.  I guess I’ve been so busy I haven’t kept up like I should!  But when you see everything I’ve been up to, you’ll understand.

My mom & I've been taking a swim class.

Look out, Michael Phelps!!!

I'm really into climbing these days . . .

How else can a guy look out a window in this place??

Sometimes I climb on my swing & get it going so I can swing standing up. It's fun, but it makes my mom kinda mad.

I can climb up on the sofa now, too. Occasionally my mom lets me watch cartoons. Mom says Juni isn't all that thrilled about this newest development.

I like to make people laugh. Here I am doing the old "food on the head" gag.

And the "cupcake wrapper for a hat".


I'm also into art.

I’m a regular Renaissance kid!


Jack (Of All Trades)


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