13 Month Olds

Wow, hard to believe I’m 13 months old.  I remember when my friend Maya was 13 months old, & I was a youthful 10 months old.  I thought, jeez, Maya is so old.  Poor thing.  But now I’m 13 months old!  Oh, well, at least it consoles me to know that Maya is an ancient 16 months old.

My mom says all the time that I’m a “typical 13 month old”.  Which begs the question, what is a “typical 13 month old” anyway?

Well, for starters, I like to get into jams.

Um, hello? A little help here? Just trying to rescue my cup, & now it seems my head is too big to get outta here . . .

I love to get into stuff I’m not supposed to get into.

I'm pretty certain there are a bunch of things in here that need my attention.

I love to dance.

Ohhhh, yeah...

I love to eat a granola bar & make a big mess.

My grandpa Randy likes to do this, too.

I love music.

Here I am, playing my drum.

I love to play!

Here I do so with my grandma Carmen & aunt Francis.

I love to snuggle.

My great-grandma likes to snuggle me in the swing in their backyard. My great-grandpa observes.

My great-gran preferred to snuggle me on a big bench outside the delicious restaurant Babe's. My great-grandma observes.

I like to be silly.

Jack-in-a-suitcase?? Just making sure my mom doesn't forget to take me with her.


I like to be friendly.

I wave at the people I love.

I like to make people laugh.

Raspberries get my mom giggling every time.

I guess I am a pretty typical 13 month old!




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