It’s my birthday, too, yeah!

Well, it WAS my birthday, anyway!  I was lucky enough to have two birthday parties–one here in NYC (see my previous post), & another one in Texas!

I had so much fun in Texas.  Right off the bat I got to play with my cool cousin Cal.

Here he is, showing me the ropes.

I also got to hang out with my great-grandparents.

I love you guys, but I just don't like to be still for very long these days.

I had a lot of fun staying in my first hotel in Texas.  Know what’s even better than breakfast in bed?

Unlimited Cheerios in bed!!!

We also got to hang out in the terrace pool a lot.  Which should be mandatory for all when you’re dealing with 100+ heat.

My dad & I had so much fun in the pool.

Not to be outdone, my mom & I had fun, too!

My great-grandparents were nice enough to have a birthday party for me, & they did a great job decorating!

Mmmmmm, cupcakes . . .

My grandpa Randy played some music, & even let Cal & me accompany him at times.

K, that's nice, Grandpa, but is it my turn yet??

I was so happy to see my grandma Carmen & aunt Francis.

Mi abuelita y mi tia me encanta.

I also got to see my cousin Kerrigan.

It's really nothing short of a miracle that neither of us is more blurry than this.

And my aunt Amatey!

Auntie Am loves her nephews . . . and vice versa.

My great-gran, my abuelita, & my tia were all watching me eat cake . . . but I DO NOT LIKE CHOCOLATE

I do like snuggles though.

My aunt Nik is always good for a snuggle!

One of the best things about Texas?  THE FOOD!  I’ve never eaten so much Tex-Mex in my life!  Here we are leaving Chuy’s.

You'll notice I'm patting my great-grandma's shoulder here. I felt like she could use a little reassurance.

Wow, I am so blessed with such a large, beautiful, supportive family in Texas.  I was sorry I didn’t get pictures of every person.  But my mom said to apologize, she was just enjoying herself & didn’t take as many pictures as she should have.  More reason to get back to Texas as soon as possible!!!!




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