Weekend Recap

Hi, Family!

Just thought I’d better keep you updated on what I’ve been up to this weekend!  As you know, I’m a very busy guy, & I like to keep things rolling.  So naturally I took my parents a bunch of places this weekend.

First, though, Dad brought home something kinda cool for me on Friday night.  It’s a pool!

That's, right, I am a pirate!

Wait a minute. There's only one way to test the quality of this here swimming pool.

I'm gonna have to push it around the house for awhile.

Yep, it's a keeper!

So today we finally tried out the pool the way it’s intended.

Well, lemme test the water first . . .

Let me ease my way in . . .

Arrrrggghh you kidding me? That water is like ICE!

Mom says since I’m a New Yorker I better get used to chilly pools.  The one near us IS pretty cold.  Unfortunately they don’t allow us to take cameras in there, but here are a few pics from right after the last time we went swimming there.

Our beautiful neighborhood pool

Swimming makes me hungry & sleepy.

And happy!

OK, one last thing we did this weekend.  Yesterday I took my folks to their first carnival.  I took them on the carousel, even though I think they were kinda scared.

When I saw my dad was taking our picture, I thought it would be funny to make this face.

My poor dad was holding on for dear life.

Next I got to fly a helicopter. Pretty cool!

I hope yall all had a great weekend, too!

Love, Jack


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