Happy Independence Day

Hi Family & Friends!

Wow, another great day was had over here today.  I went to the pool for only the second time in my life & already I’m getting the hang of it.  I love to splash in the water & it makes me smile & laugh when Mom & Dad jump me up & down in the water or “swim” me back & forth between them.

Ready for the Pool!

I’m a huge fan of America, so today I only resisted for a little while when my mom decided to dress me up in red, white & blue & a special crown she’d made for the occasion of my very first Fourth of July.  Then she let me parade around the neighborhood.  It was so fun waving to my neighbors & making them laugh.

Here comes the Freedom Baby!!!!

I'm like Paul Revere!

Except I'm a baby!

And I'm not warning anyone that the British are coming!

I'm just saying, "Hey, everybody!"

"Happy 4th of July!!!!"

I hope everybody has a great day.  I’m feeling really appreciative today, because I am proud to be an American.  Know what?  I’m a first generation American.  And proud of it!  America rocks!




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