The Mets’ Lucky Charm

Dear Family & Friends,

Today I got to go to my first baseball game!  But it wasn’t just ANY baseball game, it was the Subway Series.  Which means Mets versus Yankees.

Wait a minute--the Mets lost the first 2 games?? How did this happen??

Well, I thought we went to watch baseball, but you know how my parental units are.  First we had to take 9 million pictures.

Check out my pops & me in front of CitiField. While you're at it, check out my new wheels.

Here's Mom & Me in front of an inexplicably large 42.

Now you’re probably thinking, no way will there be a shot of ol’ Jacky sleeping in THIS post.  Not with all the noise & hustle & bustle of being at a baseball game.  Well, guess what!  You’d be wrong!!

Eh, what can I say?--The game started out real slow.

(In case you thought that previous shot was not taken at the ballpark, here is the proof.)

Fortunately, the game picked up.

Hey Battah, Battah! Suh-wing, Battah!

Unfortunately, the rain picked up, too.  But the Mets won 3-2!  Mom says I may be able to get a job as their new good luck charm.

See yall tomorrow!




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