Mommy’s Little Helper

My mom is always telling me how incredibly helpful I am, so I thought I would share with you today the many ways in which I make my mom’s life so much easier.

I’m always thinking about ways we can arrange the house in more interesting ways.

I think this chair will look much better over there.

I am the resident wheel inspector.

Yep, the stroller wheels check out alright.

I keep the vacuum running smoothly.

Wait, you want me to actually use this thing??

I keep an eye out for all the little guys in our house.

Here I swing my toy bunnies. They are sooo grouchy when they don't nap.

Occasionally I rearrange my mom’s cabinets.

I take everything out. It's Mom's job to put them back in.

I’m a physical trainer.

Here I helpfully wrap Mom's leg in her yoga mat while she does pigeon pose. It's a little known technique.

And sometimes I’m just good for a little comic relief.

Here I squeezed into a tight spot just to make my mom laugh. NOT because I was trying to get into something I'm not supposed to be into. Look how innocent I look!



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