The Great Easter Egg Hunt

This morning when I woke up, my mom & dad seemed so excited, & I didn’t know why.  We went around the corner to the dining room, & what to my wandering eye did appear–

Oh wait.  Mom says I’m thinking of a different holiday.

Don't worry, the French press is for Mom & Dad.

Turns out, there were little eggs filled with little treats for me to open.  Pretty fun!

Here I come!

Can we do this every morning, pleeaase?

Turns out, the eggs actually led to a basket full of gifts!

I got some books, a car, a bathing suit, & a bubble wand!

Then, once again, my mom got me all dressed up so we could go to the Beer Garden for something called an Egg Hunt.

Mmm . . . eggs . . . oh wait a second, what the heck is an egg??

It was so much fun at the Beer Garden, w/the music & other babies, right away I decided I better have a nap.

Then I got really happy, because my girlfriend Maya showed up!

Yay, Maya's here!

Hi, Jack!

I wonder, could we be any cuter? Nope. I think this is about as cute as it gets!

At one point I was having so much fun & feeling so comfortable, I just had to lie down on the table for awhile.

Then I snuggled with my Peter Rabbit that Great Grandma & Great Grandpa sent me.

Fun family time!

Then we called it a day!  Oh, yeah, one more thing!

Happy Easter, everybody!!!!




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