Top Ten (New) Things You Might Want to Know About Jack

10.  I got to slide down a slide for the first time ever recently.


Good thing Dad was there to catch me!

9.  I’m moving around so much now my mom had to lower my bed.

Now I'm alllll the way at the bottom of my big boy bed, but KitKat still sleeps with me.

8.  I still nap wherever the heck I want.


You got a problem with that?

7.  I’m liable to blow a raspberry at you if I don’t like what you’re saying or if I’m just bored.




6.  I love to chill out with my old man.

I actually call him "Daddy."

5.  My mom’s pretty cool, too.

I call her "Daddy", too. It's just easier that way.

4.  My buddy David & I have matching lion caps.

I think he looks up to me. He's like two weeks younger than me.

3.  Sometimes I have parties on my patio.

They're BYOM. Bring your own mommy.

2.  Some babies crawl on their hands & knees.  Why do that when you can just scooch around on your hiney, I say!

That's just how I roll.

1.  You knew this was just a matter of time.  Jack in a box.  Cough.

My mom thinks she's soooo funny.


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