February 25, 2011

Dear Jack,

You are growing in leaps and bounds!  If you wonder what you were doing at about 6 1/2 months old, you were being pretty cute!  You are very sweet and loving.   Frequently you will put your hands on either side of my face and give me a big, wet smooch on my cheek or nose while cooing, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

Pretty much the sweetest thing ever.

Another um, charming thing you’ve picked up is blowing raspberries.  You’re pretty indiscriminate now about when and where you blow them, but I have a feeling you’ll be aiming them at your dad’s silly jokes before we know it. 🙂  (Unfortunately no picture here . . .)

And just this week, in the morning when we go to open the blinds and look out the window, you give a big, friendly wave to our neighborhood.  We have yet to have an audience, but I’m pretty sure it would make one of our neighbor’s day if they were to be on the receiving end of your salutation.

One of the great things about playdates is that you get a chance to play with everyone else’s cool toys.  At your buddy Bodhi’s, you got to jump around in his jumperoo.

I see you!

You're really into things like this that you can push (or smash) to make music play or lights light up.

At your pal David’s you got to try out his Bumbo baby seat.

"So this is the look I'll give Daddy when I ask him to buy me one of these."

You also got to try his jumperoo.

"Do you mind? No pictures please."

"I said no pictures!"

All the mommies say the playdates are really for us, and for good reason.  You always have a nice long nap afterward.

I just can't get over how you look like such a big kid in this stroller!


Jack’s Mom


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