February 12, 2011

Dear Jack,

You are such a happy little guy!  I love our mornings together sitting on the floor playing.

It's fun to play on the floor with Mom!

It has really paid off–you are about to take off crawling any minute now it seems!

So close!

Last week you got a new present:  an activity center which you LOVE.

For some reason wordpress won't let me flip this picture . . .

You love to turn around and play with all the toys, but wait til you figure out you can jump up & down in it!

Since we finally had some Spring-like weather (40 degrees!), you were able to try a playground swing for the first time.


Yesterday you & I hosted our very first Valentine’s Day party at our favorite bake shop.

All dressed up and somewhere fun to go . . .

It was fun hanging out with all the mommies and babies we know.

You sat in a highchair for a long while.

I'm not sure how you liked it at first, but you sure do look cute here.

And you eventually seemed to really like it!

I think all my mom friends and your baby friends had a good time.

Julia & baby David

Lesly & baby Noa

It’s been a really fun week!


Jack’s Mom


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