January 31, 2011

Dear Jack,

You are growing so fast–it seems like you are doing something new everyday!  While we were in Texas, you started rolling over more regularly, & every morning Grandma & Grandpa enjoyed seeing you practice your new trick.

On a blanket on the floor at Grandma & Grandpa's house

I’ve also seen evidence of the benefits of our Mommy & Me yoga class, as you were finally able to get those toes in your mouth.

Mmmm . . . toes . . .

You try everyday (with a little success) to feed yourself.  You’re getting better & better!

Mmmm . . . oatmeal . . .

At first you weren’t so sure about your first vegetable.

Ewwww . . . peas . . .

But you warmed up to them.

OK, OK, I'll eat the peas then, if you insist.

Probably the most exciting development (to your mom anyway) is that you can now sit on your own!

Hey, look at me! I'm sitting up all by myself!

You even had to try it out today in the bathtub.

Yeah, Mom, I don't need to lie back, I'm not a BABY anymore.

Next thing you know, I’ll be taking to this blog to say you’re crawling!  Now, don’t grow up too fast!


Jack’s Mom


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