January 29, 2011

Dear Jack,

One of my fondest memories as a child is going on my first airplane trip, at about 5 years old.  We flew to California to visit Disneyland & go to the beautiful beaches.  You probably won’t remember your first flight, as you were only 5 months old!

We left for Dallas on a rainy NYC day.

The view of our plane from the inside of Laguardia Airport

I worried that I would feel overwhelmed traveling with you, without your dad.

Hmm . . . someone's missing . . .

But I had nothing to worry about, since you are such a good baby!

You loved to sit in your own seat & play with a toy.

You also enjoyed the opportunity to play with your favorite toys:  your own feet.

Everyone walking by couldn't help but remark how cute you are.

And you eventually decided it was an excellent place to take a long nap.


One week later, we left Dallas on a sunny morning.

The view of the Dallas skyline from inside D/FW Airport

Now you were practically a pro at traveling by plane!

"Excuse me, can I get some peanuts to go with my giraffe?"


I’ve gotten a bit behind on my blogging, but I’ll be back with a vengeance in the next couple days with plenty of Texas pics!


Jack’s Mom


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