December 20, 2010

Dear Jack,

The holidays are in full swing! Last week we hosted our first party together. We invited 9 moms and 9 babies over to do a Secret Santa gift exchange. Here’s a picture, and in it, you are doing what you typically end up doing by the end of every playdate:   sleeping.

We all had a great time eating & playing with the babies.  But more importantly, we raised a lot of toys to be donated to Toys for Tots, and even more canned and boxed goods for Hour Children.

Last weekend we visited Rockefeller Center to see the Christmas tree.  It was so chilly, and you are NOT fond of your new snowsuit.

We also went to our first Christmas party!

Even Santa Claus remarked how cute you look in your snowsuit.

The party was so fun, lots of delicious food & Christmas carols performed by Max’s Family Band.  We had a great time eating & dancing & socializing with all the moms & dads & babies.  The party also raised money to benefit a little boy named Eli in our neighborhood who has leukemia.

Here are a couple cute pictures of you yesterday sitting with Juni:

We are really excited about Christmas this year!




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