December 13, 2010

Dear Jack,

What an exciting day we’ve had today!  We decided to head down to Herald Square to visit Santa Claus at Macy’s.  Even your dad & I got swept up in the magic of Santaland.  It was such a fun trip.

We knew we had a wait ahead of us. Fortunately, there was a lot to look at! Here is the big train right outside Santaland.

Waking up from your nap in a totally new place!

Getting closer . . . When we entered Santaland we were greeted by Santa's elves!

Cute, bundled-up penguins & polar bears frolic on the ice.

You just loooooked at everything, so seriously. Even this giant, friendly tree.

Santaland is filled with beautiful Christmas trees & lots of trains speeding through miniature, snow-covered cities.

Halfway there . . . Life-sized teddy bears play in a brass band.

My favorite part: teddy bear ballerinas performed onstage for an audience of other toy animals.

This is the map Santa uses to find all the good little boys & girls! Your dad pointed out Ft. Worth. Hopefully Santa was watching & will have no problem finding his way to Cal's house!

The excitement was building! Santa was only minutes away. We could tell once we saw his giant sleigh & a huge bag filled with toys!

This was a reminder that the Macy's where we were was the one of Miracle on 34th Street fame.

Jack & me in front of a beautiful Christmas tree

Since pictures & words can’t adequately capture the magic, check out this video of just one tiny portion of Santaland.

We made it to Santa! You were so patient & sweet.

To top off an incredible day, you got to experience snow for the first time!

“Christmas isn’t just a day.  It’s a state of mind.”  –Miracle on 34th Street

What a perfect time of year to be kind & generous to those less fortunate, and tell those close to you how much they are loved & appreciated.

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season!

Jack’s Mom


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