November 18, 2010

Dear Jack,

The past week has seen a couple of fun developments.  We can now prop you up without falling.

Here you are watching Dad from the sofa.

Baby face

Super Baby: Ready to respond at a moment's notice!

Also, you have started to become more independent.  Today you played alone on your playmat for 30 minutes!  Then you relaxed in your swing for over an hour while I cleaned the house!  You weren’t even sleeping!  (Although sleeping would’ve been nice.)  But it’s so nice that I can get some things done without you getting upset with me.

Here you gaze at your duck toy friend on your playmat.

You’ve also been scooting around!  I left you on the mat like the picture above.  Then, I heard you crying suddenly from the kitchen.  I ran to find out why & here is what I saw:

I don't think you were very happy to end up directly on the cold, hard floor!

You might think you’re the only one who enjoys playing on your playmat.  You would be wrong.

We've even seen Juni batting at the toys on your playmat!

You don’t seem to mind that Juni is frequently invading your space.

After all, she does share her bed with you!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Jack’s Mom

PS.  We got a new camera!  What do ya’ll think?


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