September 13, 2010

Dear Jack,

Hard to believe you are one month old already!  What an eventful month it has been, too!

Milestones in the past week?  You took your first New York City subway ride.   You didn’t find it all that exciting; you slept the whole way.

Sleeping on the train

You also got to meet more of your family this week:  your grandma Carmen & great aunt Francis.  Oh, how you basked in their undivided attention!

Great aunt Francis & Grandma Carmen

But in your mother’s eyes, the most exciting thing to happen this past week:  when I smiled at you, you smiled back!  Later that day, you smiled spontaneously when you heard my voice.  According to What to Expect the First Year, only about 25% of babies accomplish that before the end of their first month.  So . . . clearly you’re a genius!

Now, I know most of the people reading this blog really just want to see pictures of you, & you gotta give the people what they want.  So here goes . . . a few of the many faces of our Jack:

Your innocent look

Your earnest face

I'm calling this one "quiet indignation"

"Your tickling does not amuse me."

"Could I be any cuter?"

We’ll be back next week!




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