August 27, 2010

Dear Jack,

You were born on a beautiful, sunny August day on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  It was a long, hard birth experience, but your dad & I were so happy to finally hold you in our arms it made it all worthwhile.

The first week of your life you spent charming the nurses and doctors at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital.  You were extra pampered by the nursery nurses because they knew your mom was having a tough recovery, and you even earned nicknames like “Mr. Smartface”.  You especially loved a nurse named Sol, who called you “Mr. Jack” & could calm your crying with a few deft smacks to your back.

At the end of the first week, you got your first real visitor, from Aunt Nikki.  Aunt Nikki loved to rock you & sing to you.  She was so happy to see you in person, & was such a help to your Mom & Dad!

Your second week of life, you have shown us that you love to be rocked in your rocking chair, you love to be soothed by Daddy, & you love to be held close to Mom’s chest to go to sleep.  You also love to sit in your bouncy chair & nap during  family walks in the stroller.  Everywhere we go, people say, “What a beautiful baby!”

So here are a bunch of pictures of our most special little guy:

All wrapped up in the hospital

In the buff (almost)

Mutual adoration: Jack & Aunt Nik

Going home

Car seat nap

Almost 2 weeks old

Relaxing on the sofa with Mom

Bright eyes

Spontaneous nap on Daddy's arm

Cute profile

Everyone says that having a baby changes everything, that as soon as I held you for the first time, I would fall in love & it would change me forever.  It’s true, but 100 times more powerful than I even anticipated.  You are quite simply the most incredible thing that ever happened to me & your dad!  We are so lucky to have you.



2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Aunt Nik on August 27, 2010 at 11:57 pm

    Sweet Baby Jack! We can’t wait see you in October!
    Aunt Nik, Uncle Eric & Cousin Cal


  2. Posted by Uncle Mark on August 28, 2010 at 9:20 pm

    Try times a 1000! And there’s nothing that can prepare you for it, because there’s nothing else like it. It’s like the heat from a million suns, except instead of heat it’s love. And it never goes away–if anything it just gets stronger with time.

    He’s beautiful! I can’t wait to meet him! Tell Manny I said hello.




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