April 15, 2010

Dear Jack,

What an exciting night and morning we’ve had!  When I went to bed last night, I felt you move so much that my belly moved for the first time!  Then you did it again!  This morning you did it a few more times for good measure.  🙂  After we did our 3-mile run, I guess you were tired out, because I haven’t felt it again today.  That’s OK, though, there’s plenty of time for you to kick and move around, and I can’t wait for your daddy to finally feel it.

I am including a few pictures today.  This first one is one of your very first gifts!  These adorable clothes are from your Aunt Nik, Uncle Eric, and Cousin Cal.  I especially love the puppy dog PJs and adorable hoodie with ears.  That will really come in handy in November or so when it starts getting chilly!

Puppy dog PJs, Hoodie w/ears, & Tuff Guy outfit: Aunt Nik has the BEST taste!

On the day we confirmed you are going to be a little boy, I of course had to run out & buy a few outfits.  I especially love the overalls and striped shorts set.

A few casual outfits from Mommy

And, last but not least, here is a picture of how you’re looking from the outside these days.

Mommy at almost 23 weeks!

Well, I have to go!  I got wrapped up in blogging & we don’t want to be late for Professor Hill’s class!!




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